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Gift Fair e DAD

February, 12th to 15th - 2017
Pre opening: February 12th
Place: Expo Center Norte - São Paulo

Exhibitor - How to exhibit

Take part of a large show and get your company successful

Be one of the well succeeded exhibitors who are already tracking the way for good business. If you've ever heard what your customers usually say, your company definitely must be among the ones which just multiply their business, Event after event. Even not considering your competitors; if you sometimes have realized better results in their companies, they certainly will be taking part of our shows. This way, getting inside this context is fundamentally important, not just keeping your business healthier; but moreover, reaching goals and conquering new potential clients. Joining this way in this great business atmosphere we supply, and interacting yourselves with the last trends and new products in the professional market, your company has got now the right recipe to innovate and search its excellence.

Have you still got any question? Just try it; ask your customers how many times they visited our shows and how much they usually spend regarding their stores. We've already got this answer, come and increase your market.

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